Sunday, May 27, 2007

Is Michael Vick in trouble? ESPN show could prove a problem.

Bob Ley and the Outside the Lines crew have linked Michael Vick to dog

Here is an excerpt from today's show:
Focus on Dog Fighting;

Informant Claims Michael Vick is Involved

ESPN's Outside the Lines examined illegal dog fighting on today's
9:30 a.m. ET program. In the piece, reporter Kelly Naqi spoke to a
confidential police informant who has helped investigators make dozens
of arrests. He told Naqi that the year before Atlanta Falcons
quarterback Michael Vick entered the NFL (2001), one of his dogs fought
one of Vick's dogs, and that Vick is involved in dog fighting.

David Hunt, a dog fighting investigator whose congressional testimony
last May helped make dog fighting a federal felony, said of the
informant: "He's extremely reliable. Information that he's provided me
has resulted in the arrest of several individuals over the past few
years, numerous search warrants, as well as convictions."

From today's Outside the Lines in ESPN:

KELLY NAQI: "How many professional athletes are involved in dog

CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANT: "All around the country, just to give a rough
estimate, 20 or 30… Football players are basically, you know, in it."

KN: "Who?"

CI: "Michael, I've seen Vick in there." 

KN: "You've seen Michael Vick at dog fights?" 

CI: "We have beat him back in 2000, yes." 

KN: "What was Michael's involvement at this dogfight?" 
CI: "Michael was not in the pit, okay? Michael's thing was he came
with all of the money… He was betting with everybody. I would say at
the fight, there was maybe 20 people there. He was betting on his

KN: "So then what happened after that?"

CI: "Then you turn the dogs loose and the dogs lock up. I think the
fight went 40-something minutes and then it was over with."

KN: "Who won?"

CI: "I won."

KN: "How deep into dog fighting is Michael Vick?"

CI: "He's a pit bull fighter, it's not about how deep you are, if
you're this deep or you're that deep. He's a pit bull fighter."

KN: "What does that mean?"

CI: "He likes to fight dogs." 

KN: "What's his reputation?"

CI: "He brings a good dog and he's going to bet and he's going to
bring a nice sum of cash."

CI: "He's one of the ones that they call the big boys. That's who
bets a large dollar. And they have the money to bet large money. As
I'm talking about large money, 30 to 40 thousand, even higher. He's
one of the heavyweights." 

KN: "Michael Vick is?"

CI: "He's one of the heavyweights, yes."

KN: "How do you know that?"

CI: "Because I've seen it. "

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