Sunday, April 30, 2006

Jim Williams: The NFL Draft Total Coverage
Jim Williams, The ExaminerApr 29, 2006 7:00 AM (51 mins ago)
BALTIMORE - The National Football League has made the annual college draft an event that defies explanation. I mean no game is played, no one wins or loses anything and the most action you will see is a person walking up to the podium at New York’s famed Radio City Music Hall.
But you can bet that Ravens fans will be glued to the tube or listening to their radios digesting every last bit of information. It is football in April what more could you want!
Baltimore’s own Mel Kiper, Jr. is one very busy man this time of the year! It is the 28th year that he has put out a report and the 23rd year that he has been part of the ESPN coverage. The network will dedicate 17 hours to the draft and simply put no one does it better than ESPN.
Here is what Kiper told me the Ravens are likely to do:
Mel Kiper, Jr.: They need help at DT a real space eater that can free up Ray Lewis, I think a great fit would be Haloti Ngata from Oregon he can clog up the middle and also penetrate into the backfield. I also see them taking a QB like Brodie Croyle from Alabama if they can sign Steve McNair as I believe they will.”
The NFL Network will also have 17 hours of coverage and they give you an alternative to the ESPN coverage or you can switch between the two for a little variety.
Can’t watch on TV?
No problem here is what you can expect on radio, with WBAL-AM 1090AM the Ravens new flagship station and ESPN 1300AM both with big plans.
Saturday from will broadcast from 12-4pm. The hosts will be Steve Davis, Gerry Sandusky, Stan White, and Peter Schmuck. WBAL provides an all access pass to Ravens fans from inside the team complex.
Some highlights of the WBAL coverage will be comments from Ozzie Newsome and Eric DeCosta on the prospective 1st round choices. Plus all the interviews with the draft choices and in-depth analysis of all the days’ big stories with access to all the coaches and players for comments.
Saturday from 11am to 6pm and Sunday noon to 5pm - Gary Stein and a surprise partner will be live at the Dave and Busters in Hanover providing Ravens fans plenty useful information as well as a fun place to follow the draft! Live reports from the Ravens complex will be handled by Damon “The Bull Dog,” Yaffe, the as the station makes sure you don’t miss anything draft related.
SIRIUS Satellite Radio
No one covers the NFL Draft with the wall to wall coverage that SIRIUS does. They will cover every round and from 8am this morning till they signoff around 2am Sunday morning they will have it all covered. Then they will be back to on Sunday to do it all again till the draft ends, then Monday they will start to break it down all over again. SIRIUS NFL 124.

Jim Williams is a seven-time Emmy Award-winning TV producer, director and writer.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sir Charles in Playoff Form
By: Jim Williams
The Examiner Newspapers

April 20, 2006
Washington, DC

The NBA Playoffs are here and TNT Studio analyst Charles Barkley is always at his best. When you add Doug Collins and Reggie Miller things begin to get out of hand.

Barkley on how successful the Phoenix Suns will be in the Playoffs: “The Suns are built for the regular season and every (Playoff) series is going to be tough for them. When you live by your offensive three-point shooting then any bad night you can lose a game. I think the Suns are always going to struggle because they don’t rebound the ball, and they don’t play good defense. They have a really small team. Steve Nash has been fantastic as usual, and I think Shawn Marion is the most underrated player in the NBA behind Elton Brand. But in my 20 years involved with the NBA, I’ve realized that the game always comes down to rebounding and defense. I think the Suns are too small to win it all.”

Collins on the Phoenix Suns’ strengths: “The Suns have a tremendous weapon and that’s their ability to shoot the ball. When you play them you have to understand that you’re never out of the game, and they are never out of the game because of their ability to score quickly. The Suns are in the best bracket, they are in a great spot in the two-seed to get back to the Western Conference Finals (because they will) not have to see San Antonio or Dallas until then.”

Miller on the strengths of the Washington Wizards: “You never know what a scorer might do come Playoff time, and one thing that Washington has is they have two legitimate scorers in Antwan Jamison and Gilbert Arenas. And now that Caron Butler is back in the starting line-up they are starting to round in to shape.”

Barkley on the LA Clippers and the Denver Nuggets: “The two most intriguing teams in the Western Conference are the Los Angeles Clippers and the Denver Nuggets…This is the most wide-open I’ve ever seen the NBA Playoffs. If the Clippers make it to the Western Conference Finals I wouldn’t be shocked, and if Denver makes it to the Western Conference Finals I wouldn’t be shocked. The Clippers have two things- they have Elton Brand and they’ve got the cocky attitude and swagger of Sam Cassell. They are the underdogs and with their confidence they are going to be dangerous.”

Miller on the unpredictability of the Playoffs: “I think the Playoffs are a lot like the NCAA tournament, you never know what you’re going to get. You have two strong powerhouses in each conference, but everyone is an ankle twist away from falling in the first or second round.”

Miller on the performance of his former Indiana Pacers team: “I’m not huge on what Indiana’s doing (at the end of the season), even though everyone says they are rounding into Playoff shape. They haven’t played anyone (recently) and in April no one plays, especially the teams with bad records because they’re just trying to figure out where they’re going on vacation when the season’s over.”

Barkley on LA Lakers guard Kobe Bryant and Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James: “I think Kobe Bryant is the best player in the NBA, but his team has a ways to go and they could lose in the first round. Same thing with LeBron (James) who’s a terrific player, but (the Cavs) could lose in the first round. Both of these teams are legit contenders, but they both are going to have a tough first round series. Kobe Bryant is the best player in the NBA today and LeBron James is in the top five, but if either of them lost the first round, I wouldn’t be shocked.”

Miller on a potential match-up between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Washington Wizards: “If the Cavaliers get Washington in the first round, there are a lot of subplots in that series with Larry Hughes going back to play his old team and LeBron James’ first time in the Playoffs… You never want to go against a scorer who anytime he comes down the court can jack shots and is going to have the ball 85 percent like Gilbert Arenas is going to have. I know LeBron (James) is going to be fantastic (in the Playoffs), but I think Gilbert Arenas and the experience (the Wizards) gained last year when they got swept by Miami, that’s going to pay dividends.”

Barkley on the difference between playing in the regular season versus the Playoffs: “The difference in the Playoffs is that you’re playing against a good team everyday, you’re not playing one good team, then two bad, then two good ones. The one thing that I learned in my 16 years is that you might take a glimpse of tape before games, but (in the Playoffs) you sit down and go over tapes every single day from game to game… that’s when you find out who can really play and who can really coach. If you kick a team’s butt in Game 1, they are going to make you change your game in Game 2. I always believe the best team wins a seven-game series whether they are up or down (at the beginning of the series).”

Barkley on the chances of Milwaukee Buck forward (and 2005 #1 draft pick) Andrew Bogut winning this year’s Rookie of the Year award: “(Andrew Bogut has) had a really solid year, but the reason he has no shot at the Rookie of the Year award is because Chris Paul is the best rookie by far. That kid is just fantastic. What (Paul) did in New Orleans/Oklahoma City was fantastic. But I think Milwaukee made a great selection, (Bogut) is going to be solid for the next few years and he’s going to keep getting better, especially when Milwaukee puts better people around him. But Chris Paul has been the best rookie, he understands the game…Chris Paul is a true point guard like Jason Kidd and Steve Nash. He makes people around him better, he’s not just getting his numbers.”

Barkley on whether or not the Miami Heat have a chance at advancing to the NBA Finals: “NO! (Miami) can’t beat Detroit. They’re not athletic enough and they have trouble guarding athletic people, guards especially…If you take away (Shaquille O’Neal and Dwyane Wade), who is their best player? They can’t answer that question. What type of team is Miami? We know Detroit and San Antonio are fantastic defensively and really good offensively, but they are defensive teams…Even though the Suns are flawed, they know they are a offensive team. A team has to have an identity and Miami does not have an identity.”

Miller on L.A. Clippers forward Elton Brand: “I think (Elton Brand) came into training camp shedding about 25 pounds and working on his perimeter shot. I think from day one, he was committed to the franchise. He understood that with them bringing in Sam Cassell and Cuttino Mobley, they had a legitimate shot to be a powerhouse and that is reflected in his play.”

Barkley, when asked what he would do if he were Jim Dolan running the New York Knicks: “I’d kill myself. I’ve been associated with the NBA for 20 years and I’ve never seen a situation that bad before…I don’t know what the hell they are going to do...They haven’t made a trade in the last two or three years that has made any sense.”

Barkley on center Eddy Curry and the New York Knicks: “Do I think Eddy Curry has potential? Of course I do, but right now, no one can tell me that the jury is not still out on Eddy Curry. Dwight Howard is going to be an All-Star for the next 10 years, Chris Bosh is going to be an All-Star for the next 10 years, Pau Gasol is going to be an All-Star for the next 10 years. You can’t say that about Eddy Curry or anybody on the New York Knicks.”

Miller on forward Kevin Garnett and the Minnesota Timberwolves: “If I’m Kevin McHale, I’d do Kevin Garnett a favor and trade him. He’s done everything for your franchise and he’s never come out publicly and said that he wants to be traded, but (Garnett) needs to be on a winner and I don’t see him winning anytime soon.”

Barkley on his former team, the Philadelphia 76ers: “I voted (the Sixers) my most disappointing team of the year. I picked them to win their division (at the start of the season), but they’ve played terrible pretty much all season…I wanted them to do well, but they should be a lot better. I’m really disappointed in Samuel Dalembert, I thought it was time for him to be a star, but he has not played well. I’m not sure what Philadelphia is going to do. Allen Iverson needs to be taken off the point (guard position). He dominates the ball too much. They’ve got to get the ball to that kid (Andre) Iguodala. He has so much talent. Iverson has to accept the fact that they can’t run the offense through him the entire time.”

Barkley on Philadelphia 76ers forward Chris Webber: “I think (the media) give Chris Webber a bad rap. Is he the same player he used to be? Of course not, but let me tell you something about Chris Webber that people never realize: he has won everywhere he has been. Obviously, you think about (the University of) Michigan, then he got Golden State in the Playoffs; he got the Washington Wizards in the Playoffs; and when he went to Sacramento he made them a legit contender for four or five years. He gets the brunt of the abuse, but he understands the game.”

TNT, ABC, ESPN and ESPN 2 will be airing 40 consecutive days of basketball with ESPN and SIRIUS handling all the radio broadcasts through the NBA Finals.

Will it be Detroit, San Antonio, Dallas, or New Jersey? Maybe someone else, it is really possible. But one thing we do know and that is it will not be the Knicks, right Chuck?
Jim Williams: Wall-to-wall NBA playoffs for
Baltimore hoop fans
Jim Williams, The Examiner
Apr 20, 2006 7:00 AM (0 mins ago)
It is no secret that Baltimore is a hotbed for basketball, and from a ratings’ standpoint we love to
watch basketball, be it college or the NBA.
So with the NBA Playoffs starting this weekend, you can bet that Charm City hoops fans will be in
front of their TVs.
WMAR, ESPN, ESPN2 and TNT will telecast every NBA playoff game, making Baltimore
basketball fans very happy.
How much basketball?
How about at least 40 games in 40 nights.
Let’s add to the mix that for the second straight year the Wizards have made the playoffs, and that
means Comcast SportsNet will be doing wall-to-wall coverage of the team.
So who are the favorites and who could be the surprise teams as the playoffs begin?
Well, when I need help it is always good to go to ABC lead color analyst Hubie Brown, whom I
spoke to via conference call about all things NBA.
Jim Williams: So whom do you see as the favorites as the teams to beat in the NBA Finals?
Hubie Brown: Well, in the East it has to be Detroit because they play defense and could be the most
complete team in the NBA. From the West, you of course want to say the Spurs, but really you can’t
count out Dallas, or Phoenix. Surprise teams would be the Lakers and Cleveland; both could
advance a great deal further in the playoffs than most people expect. But in the end I like a
Detroit-San Antonio rematch in the finals.
JW: How about the Wizards?
HB: Well, they have the big three back: Gilbert Arenas, Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler. So they
have to be respected with that kind of scoring talent and ball skills. The real key for the Wizards, as
it is for all NBA teams, will be how they play defense. If they can play solid defense then they can
advance in the playoffs.
CSN plans to have full pre- and post-game shows for all Wizards playoff games. If you can’t watch
the games you can hear them, as SIRIUS will have total coverage of every NBA playoff game
through the finals. And of course you can follow all the action on
Jim Williams is a seven-time Emmy Award-winning TV producer, director and writer.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Jim Williams: Raise your glass for locals
Jim Williams, The Examiner
Apr 19, 2006 7:00 AM (9 hrs ago)
It’s time to say good-bye. “The Tony Kornheiser Show” on Sportstalk 980-AM will be leaving the
air for a while — perhaps forever. For those of us who never miss the show it will be a great loss.
Why? Because in the vapid world of sports radio, Kornheiser’s show is rare.
It is entertaining and fun and there is plenty of sports chatter. But the real secret to the program’s
success is you might just learn something by tuning in. Yes, listening could educate you on many
non-sports issues. That is what was so unique about it.
We will also miss the ensemble cast of steady long-time partner Andy Pollin, who keeps things
moving and has always played the difficult second banana role but seems to make it work. Gary
Braun, who handles the “e-mail machine,” and producer “Nigel” all add to the show in their own
So as Kornheiser begins what we expect will be a successful run on ESPN’s “Monday Night
Football”, we do hope he will come back to radio. Shows like his don’t come along very often.
Comcast SportsNet turns 5
Speaking of good broadcasting, we would be remiss if we did not point out the wonderful job done
by Comcast SportsNet as it celebrates their five years on the air.
CSN is simply one of the best regional sports networks in the country. It offers great HDTV
coverage of most of their events; the newscasts are award winning with talented anchors and solid
reporters. The pre- and post-game live shows compliment event coverage in a fan friendly way.
So it is time to raise your glass to Kornheiser and the folks at CSN. Both deserve the toast.
Jim Williams is a seven-time Emmy Award-winning TV producer, director and writer.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Jim Williams: Angelos on the record
PDF EmailJim Williams, The ExaminerApr 17, 2006 7:00 AM (51 mins ago)
BALTIMORE - I have had the occasion in my more than 25 years of broadcasting and print reporting to interview prominent athletes, sports owners, network presidents and politicians. Few were as straightforward as Peter Angelos, owner of the Baltimore Orioles and the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network.
I met with Angelos in his Baltimore office to discuss MASN, the Nationals, the Orioles and baseball in general. He did not disappoint and answered every question with candor.
Jim Williams: At the special hearing on the Hill by the House Government Reform Committee you proposed a merger of MASN and Comcast SportsNet. Have you heard back from Comcast?
Peter Angelos: Not yet. Comcast had set a meeting for Friday, April 14th but then they postponed it. My offer to talk to Comcast about a merger of the two regional sports networks stands as long as they put the games on the air while we work out a deal. I have sent out another letter in hopes of getting talks started, and I feel duty-bound to the Nationals fans to continue this process. Our goal is to get the games on as soon as possible in Washington; I feel very strongly that the Nationals fans deserve to see their team on TV. We have deals in place with Cox, RCN, Verizon and other cable outlets, so we will continue to try initiate talks with Comcast in hopes that they will address my merger offer and get the Nationals games on as soon as possible. However, it remains to be seen if they will sit down with us and explore all the options. My first priority is to get the Nationals on TV in Washington. But, as I said, it remains to be seen if Comcast is willing to work with us in the best interest of the Nationals fans.
JW: Major League Baseball has said it expects to announce an owner for the Nationals very soon. Will the Nats having an owner help the MASN cause?
PA: Absolutely. I know that the Nationals fans want an owner as soon as possible, and I look forward to working with the new group very closely. After all, we are partners in MASN and having a new owner could very well help break the deadlock with Comcast. I know that, like me, the new owners are going to want the Nationals games on now, and together we will demand it.
JW: A big issue with Nationals fans has been you owning the team’s TV rights. Could you please explain why this is a good deal for the Nationals?
PA: First of all, MASN is contractually bound to pay the Nationals market value for their rights. Last season, that was $20 million. This season, it will again be $20 million, and that is with very limited cable distribution. In 2007, the figure moves up to $25 million and then each year there will be a raise in the rights fees to the team, and that is guaranteed money.
But the most important part of the deal is the equity in MASN over the long term. In a few years that equity stake in the network will be worth far more than any rights fee that a Comcast or a Fox SportsNet could pay them. So they will in time have a 33 percent stake in MASN without one penny of investment. We pay all production costs, overhead, the staffing and program fees. The new Nationals get all the benefits without the risk.
Furthermore, starting in 2007, baseball fans throughout the Mid-Atlantic area will be able to watch both the Orioles and Nationals games. No matter if you are in Baltimore or Washington, you will be able to see both teams on an equal basis. There will be plenty of cross promotion on the network and the Nationals and the Orioles will be true partners.
(It should be noted that when MLB put the Nationals up for sale, each of the nine ownership groups were offered the chance to buy the Nationals with or without MASN. For the record, all nine bidders chose to bid for both the team and the stake in MASN. — JW)
JW: Do you plan to work with the new ownership beyond the MASN deal?
PA: Yes. I look forward to working with the new Washington owners to establish a true partnership, one that will allow the Nationals to sell tickets and gear in Baltimore and at Camden Yards. Meanwhile, fans in Washington will be able purchase Orioles tickets and gear at RFK and the new building in 2008. We are in the American League, and they of course are in the National League, so fans will be able to see the best of both leagues.
My goal, and I am sure it is the same for the Washington owners, is to have two very successful franchises that work together on a number of projects while being friendly rivals on the field.
JW: Switching to the Orioles, do you feel that the fans in Baltimore understand your passion for the team?
PA: Well, when I bought the team, as many will recall, it was in bankruptcy court in New York and all the bidders were from out town. There was some talk of the team being bought and moved out of Baltimore. So I felt that I was in a position with my 19 partners to buy the team and make sure that the Orioles stayed in Baltimore. That said, I really did not feel that the team was going to be moved. The city had just built a beautiful new ballpark and I just felt that the team would be far better off in local hands. I always feel that if you can find a local owner for any sports team, not just baseball, it is always best for the city. Some have been kind enough to say that it was good for Baltimore that I bought the team because I am a local guy and I know what the O’s mean to this city. I know that you get the good with the bad and I understand that but we have always tried to reach out to the community and give back to the city of Baltimore. It is my hometown and to be able to help in civic and community matters has always been one of greatest joys.
But in some ways I have been a poor owner and I hope the new owners in Washington read this. Despite what some people think I am not as involved in the team as I should be, in large part because I have not raised ticket prices to meet the growing costs of doing business in baseball today.
So the moral of the story is you must become heavily involved keeping revenue streams high which is why we have MASN so that you can be competitive in the free agent market.
Both the Orioles and the Nationals face stiff competition from the teams in our division that can always outspend us. It does not mean we can’t win and be competitive. But both teams have to be players in the free-agent market and that comes with increased revenue.
JW: So do you think that MLB needs a salary cap like the other major sports?
PA: In the long run I think that baseball must have a salary cap. It is in the best interest of the players, the owners and most of all, the fans. You can’t expect to pay higher salaries to players without the increased revenue and that means higher ticket prices, the cost of a hot dog and a beer will price a night at the park out the range of most families and we can’t do that. So yes, I do think that a cap in MLB is something we really have to look at for the long-term success of the league and the competitiveness of the teams.
JW: One last question. What is your proudest moment as the Orioles’ owner?
PA: In 1997, we came very, very close to making it to the World Series but came up short. That was a great ride for our fans and for me. Since that time things have been disappointing. I have lived my life with the ethic that if you work hard and do your best that you can and will be successful. While that has served me well personally, for some reason it has not translated when it comes to baseball. I don’t blame the players or the staff or the free agents that we tried to get but for some reason didn’t get. We all do our best every day, we try hard and we will work to improve in every aspect of the franchise.
I enjoy being part of the Orioles history, talking to the great men who have been part of this organization and the many great people throughout baseball that I have had a chance to get to know and they are now friends.
But I really believe that the success of the Orioles now and in the future will come from that core ethic of hard work and doing our best each and every day.
Fans can like Angelos or hate him but they can’t question his passion for his team and the city of Baltimore or for his straightforward answers to my questions. In the end, Angelos may be many things. But afraid to speak his mind is certainly not one of them.
Jim Williams is a seven-time Emmy Award-winning TV producer, director and writer.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Jim Williams: Kurkjian: Nats success ‘a
Jim Williams, The Examiner
Apr 11, 2006 7:00 AM (3 hrs ago)
Tim Kurkjian is a well-known baseball insider for ESPN. But long before he was covering baseball
for a living, the D.C. area native was a fan of baseball in this city.
He graduated from Walter Johnson High in Bethesda in 1974 and the University of Maryland in
Today, when the Nationals take the field for their home opener against the New York Mets, there is
a good chance Kurkjian will be in RFK’s press box.
It is a stadium Kurkjian went to as a kid to see Senators games and he has strong feelings about what
is going on with the Nationals. We spoke about the 2006 season and what the future holds for his
home team in its second season.
Jim Williams: What are your impressions of the Nationals as someone in the business of baseball?
Tim Kurkjian: Well, first of all I will tell you that it is a miracle that this team has been so
successful on the field and at the gate. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great baseball area. But with a
terrible TV deal, little marketing, no owner and all the fighting between the city and Major League
Baseball, that they could contend and draw so well simply is a testament to the baseball fans of this
JW: What about the future?
TK: The Nationals will be one of the premier franchises in all of baseball. MLB absolutely must get
an ownership group in here as soon as possible. That will allow the new group to spend money on
marketing and get players to improve the team. The new ballpark on the Southeast Waterfront will
be a great place to go and this team has a wonderful future.
They must resolve the TV issue as soon as possible so that fans can see the games. I had to get
DirecTV at my home in Maryland to see the Nats.
Jim Williams is a seven-time Emmy Award-winning TV producer, director and writer.

Monday, April 10, 2006

DC Examiner: Hey Comcast, take the deal please

Jim Williams, The Examiner
Apr 10, 2006 7:00 AM

WASHINGTON - Orioles and Mid Atlantic Sports Network owner Peter Angelos testified before a House committee last Friday he would be willing to work with Comcast to merge MASN with Comcast SportsNet.

The deal is predicated on Comcast making room right now to begin airing MASN produced Nationals games as soon as possible. Then the two sides enter into discussions aimed at merging MASN with CSN.

The Angelos offer is a deal Comcast should take. It makes a great deal of sense for both sides.

It would give Angelos the equity and distribution he wants. It would give CSN the baseball programming they do not want to lose.

There would still have to be two channels because of the programming overlap. And there would undoubtedly be some serious battles along the way. But in the end, this is the right thing for both sides.

Comcast has made equity deals in Dallas with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, in Chicago with White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf and most recently in New York with Mets owner Fred Wilpon. Those deals were partnerships similar to what Angelos is proposing.

In a free market, Comcast would have to offer a deal at around $350 million mark for 10 years to secure the Nationals TV rights. Just last week, Fox SportsNet West struck a deal with the Angels at $500 million for 10 years.

So if CSN wanted both the Orioles and Nationals, it is easily looking at a 10-year rights deal topping the $650 to $700 million mark to be split between the two teams.

Rather than paying rights fees in excess of $700 million, a partnership deal makes more sense and allows for max rights fees for both the O’s and Nationals.

Comcast did not become this country’s biggest cable company by being stupid. It has bright businessmen who know how to make deals.

Let’s hope those smart businessmen at Comcast put the Nats games on and make a deal with Angelos. It would be good business for all involved, including the Nationals.

We would rather watch games on TV than hearings questioning why they are not on.

Jim Williams is a seven-time Emmy Award-winning TV producer, director and writer.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Jim Williams: We still want our Nats TV
Jim Williams, The Examiner
Apr 4, 2006 7:00 AM (47 mins ago)

It has been a year since the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network began to produce Nationals telecasts and most of greater Washington, D.C.’s fan base is still without their Nats TV.
This Friday on Capitol Hill, the House Committee on Government Reform will hold a hearing with the
aim of getting Comcast and MASN to strike a deal and air Nationals games in the best interest of the fans.

I applaud the work of Virginia congressmen Tom Davis and Jim Moran for their bi-partisan work on
behalf of the Nationals. This could be a test case as Congress is about to open up the TV landscape
to the likes of Verizon and others who want to offer TV to their customers. That presents major
competition issues for Comcast, Cox and other top cable companies.

Congress can’t force Comcast and MASN to get along, make a deal or even talk. Yes, political hype
and being called to the ultimate principal’s office can be effective. But it does not guarantee success.
So who could really make these two sides work together?

As I have said a number of times this is a local issue. The city of Washington and its suburbs grant
cable companies a franchise. In these agreements, the devil is in the details. The fine print can force
any cable company, in this case Comcast, to serve “the best interests of the community.”
Mayor Anthony Williams and the members of the D.C. city council have seen fit to approve a $611
million deal to build a brand new stadium. They should be congratulated for their wonderful efforts
on behalf of the city and baseball fans all over the region.
Almost every council member said they supported baseball in D.C. even if they didn’t support the
This issue is all about the fans and promoting Washington on TV throughout the region. It does
not cost the city a penny to fight for the fans.
So Mayor Williams, Council Chairman Linda Cropp or any of the members of city council, let’s
finish this up and bring Comcast to the Wilson Building. Make sure they do the right thing for boththe city and the fans.
Show the games.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Jim Williams: Time to play ball, listen and
tune in
Jim Williams, The Examiner
Apr 3, 2006 7:00 AM (55 mins ago)
Ah, baseball is back. While we still can’t see the Nationals as often as we would like at least we can
hear them.
Today on WTWP 107.7 FM and 1500 AM, those in the Mid-Atlantic region can hear the team of
Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler as all 162 games will be aired on their new and far more powerful
flagship station.
On the TV side, MASN/WDCA will have today’s season opener on as part of the 32 over-the-air
games on Channel 20. But it appears Congress will have to intervene if Nationals fans in D.C. are to
see the over 154 games to be aired this season since no agreement with Comcast seems in the offing.
Fans with DirecTV, RCN, Cox, Verizon and Charter will be able to follow all the action.
The broadcast team of Bob Carpenter and Tom Paciorek will handle the Nationals action on MASN
and the new duo promises to be a good fit for all baseball fans. They have done well in only a few
games together, a good indication of what to expect for the future.
“After watching this club come together in the last two weeks of spring training, I think the
Nationals are going to surprise some people this year,” Carpenter said. “As always, the key is
pitching. But there’s more offense this year; more speed, more pop and I think it’s going to be
For the Balmer fans
The O’s return to SportsTalk 980 AM for another season. Some games will be aired on WTNT 570
AM when there are Wizards conflicts.
TV wise, the O’s return to WB50 for 30 telecasts after four years with PAX 66. And there will be 90
games on Comcast SportsNet as they finish their deal with that network before moving to MASN
with the Nationals next season.
On the national scene, ESPN will have games on Sunday, Monday and Wednesdays as part of their
new deal with Major League Baseball. FOX will once again carry the Saturday “Game of the Week.”
The Nationals see their first FOX action on May 27th when they host the Los Angeles Dodgers.