Monday, June 26, 2006

Dig Day Down Under...

The game of the day Italy vs. Australia (ESPN, UNIVISION and XM Radio)
We know that Italy is a one of the most passionate soccer countries on the planet.

Their fans are legendary and their following is large all over the world.

But today when the Italians face the Australians in what should be a an easy win for Italy for some reason fans around the world know that the Soccerroos are no pushovers.

There is plenty of fan support down under and they have proven every time some one takes them for granted they make them pay..

So what is it like back in the land down under?

Well according to my good friend Max Cordon who is a Sydney based writer things are wild down under.

He sent me a sample of what was going on with the fans of the Soccerroos.

"I've never seen anything like it, in all my 57 years living in Sydney," said Cordon.

"You'll never see anything like this in cricket or rugby or anything else because this is the world sport," said Jake Rathman a long time Sydney sports radio talk show host.

In Melbourne's Federation Square, 19,000 fans are expected to watch the match on a large screen TV.

More than 7,000 people will gather at nearby Birrarung Marr, while more than 21,000 people will watch the live broadcast on one of three big screens at Telstra Dome.

"I feel awesome, mate," said James Smythe who has been covering soccer for Sky TV.

"Harry Kewell is a legend. We can’t wait for the game." Said Smythe.

So it is Italy with passion and tradition facing the Aussies with newly found confidence and a love for the sport.

Game two today is:

Switzerland vs. Ukraine (ESPN, Univision and XM Radio)

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