Monday, April 03, 2006

Jim Williams: Time to play ball, listen and
tune in
Jim Williams, The Examiner
Apr 3, 2006 7:00 AM (55 mins ago)
Ah, baseball is back. While we still can’t see the Nationals as often as we would like at least we can
hear them.
Today on WTWP 107.7 FM and 1500 AM, those in the Mid-Atlantic region can hear the team of
Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler as all 162 games will be aired on their new and far more powerful
flagship station.
On the TV side, MASN/WDCA will have today’s season opener on as part of the 32 over-the-air
games on Channel 20. But it appears Congress will have to intervene if Nationals fans in D.C. are to
see the over 154 games to be aired this season since no agreement with Comcast seems in the offing.
Fans with DirecTV, RCN, Cox, Verizon and Charter will be able to follow all the action.
The broadcast team of Bob Carpenter and Tom Paciorek will handle the Nationals action on MASN
and the new duo promises to be a good fit for all baseball fans. They have done well in only a few
games together, a good indication of what to expect for the future.
“After watching this club come together in the last two weeks of spring training, I think the
Nationals are going to surprise some people this year,” Carpenter said. “As always, the key is
pitching. But there’s more offense this year; more speed, more pop and I think it’s going to be
For the Balmer fans
The O’s return to SportsTalk 980 AM for another season. Some games will be aired on WTNT 570
AM when there are Wizards conflicts.
TV wise, the O’s return to WB50 for 30 telecasts after four years with PAX 66. And there will be 90
games on Comcast SportsNet as they finish their deal with that network before moving to MASN
with the Nationals next season.
On the national scene, ESPN will have games on Sunday, Monday and Wednesdays as part of their
new deal with Major League Baseball. FOX will once again carry the Saturday “Game of the Week.”
The Nationals see their first FOX action on May 27th when they host the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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