Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Jim Williams: Raise your glass for locals
Jim Williams, The Examiner
Apr 19, 2006 7:00 AM (9 hrs ago)
It’s time to say good-bye. “The Tony Kornheiser Show” on Sportstalk 980-AM will be leaving the
air for a while — perhaps forever. For those of us who never miss the show it will be a great loss.
Why? Because in the vapid world of sports radio, Kornheiser’s show is rare.
It is entertaining and fun and there is plenty of sports chatter. But the real secret to the program’s
success is you might just learn something by tuning in. Yes, listening could educate you on many
non-sports issues. That is what was so unique about it.
We will also miss the ensemble cast of steady long-time partner Andy Pollin, who keeps things
moving and has always played the difficult second banana role but seems to make it work. Gary
Braun, who handles the “e-mail machine,” and producer “Nigel” all add to the show in their own
So as Kornheiser begins what we expect will be a successful run on ESPN’s “Monday Night
Football”, we do hope he will come back to radio. Shows like his don’t come along very often.
Comcast SportsNet turns 5
Speaking of good broadcasting, we would be remiss if we did not point out the wonderful job done
by Comcast SportsNet as it celebrates their five years on the air.
CSN is simply one of the best regional sports networks in the country. It offers great HDTV
coverage of most of their events; the newscasts are award winning with talented anchors and solid
reporters. The pre- and post-game live shows compliment event coverage in a fan friendly way.
So it is time to raise your glass to Kornheiser and the folks at CSN. Both deserve the toast.
Jim Williams is a seven-time Emmy Award-winning TV producer, director and writer.


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da bear blogger said...

Uh, please. CSN has some talented reporters but overall, if you compare them to the affiliates, they pale. Also check out the difference in pay---anyone with a bank account would rather NOT work for Comcast. Yet, you wouldn't know this because you're in SportsNet's back pocket. It would also require you to ask a question that WASN'T a softball.

How anyone can tolerate that Jenkins clown (but HE WON AN EMMY--he MUST BE GREAT!!) is beyond me.

Keep enjoying the free cable.