Monday, July 10, 2006

Czabe and FSR come home to DC

Jim Williams: Czabe anchors FSR’s D.C. comeback
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Jim Williams, The Examiner
Jul 10, 2006 5:00 AM (2 hrs 56 mins ago)
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WASHINGTON - Beginning today at 6 a.m., WTEM SportsTalk 980 officially becomes a FOX Sports Radio station when “First Team on FOX” makes its debut. If the show sounds familiar, there is good reason.

It is hosted by WTEM mainstay Steve Czaban and he is joined by the usual suspects: WTEM staffers Scott Linn, Al Galdi and producer Jay Cottrell. For more than two years, they have started off the day for FSR’s national lineup.

As ESPN heads across the Potomac River to Red Zebra Broadcasting, WTEM gets a new and improved FSR, which was once heard on WWRC-AM 1260.

“First Team on FOX” begins WTEM’s 13-hour lineup of local programming Monday through Friday.

“I can’t wait to see Steve Czaban’s face at 6:06 a.m. Monday when he is on the air in his own hometown, that will be special,” said FOX Sports Radio Vice President and General Manager Andrew Ashwood. “We are very happy to be back in Washington and so much has changed with our network. We have evolved, becoming the most interactive network in broadcasting. Listeners can reach our shows via calls, emails and text messaging. We want our listeners to be part of all of our shows and to feel part of our network.”

Local management sounds equally excited with the station’s new direction.

“I’m thrilled to bring Steve Czaban’s morning show to SportsTalk 980,” said SportsTalk 980 Program Director Chris Johnson. “Czabe’s our guy. He’s been a major part of our success over the past few years and I can’t wait for the listeners to hear his unique sports show each morning.”

Local yokels

With WTEM’s programming switch from ESPN to FOX, the station now features 13 hours of local content Monday-Friday.

» 6-9 a.m. First Team on Fox with Steve Czaban

» 9 a.m.-noon Sports Reporters

» Noon- 3 p.m. Brian Mitchell Show

» 3-7 p.m. John Thompson Show

Jim Williams is a seven-time Emmy Award-winning TV producer, director and writer.

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