Saturday, December 23, 2006

Notes from the Gators win over OSU

Greg Gumbel: It's not lost on everyone around here that same two
schools, Florida and Ohio State are going to meet in a few short weeks
for the national championship in football, which brings me to my
partner, Billy packer.

Billy Packer: You talk about the long snapper, the holder and so forth.
Here's my suggestion to football coaches. The most important play of the
season, the only reason they're (Florida) in the national championship
is this blocked kick by Jarvis Moss. You know how high he (Moss) gets
up? 9' 6". Do you realized where Joakim Noah can go? He can go to 13
feet. You start a position called the "Eliminator," they eliminate all
field goals and extra points. Naismith invented the football helmet. If
not for the helmet, there would be no football.

Gumbel: You're deadly serious?

Packer: He  (Noah) can touch the top of the backboard. Can you imagine
what it would do to the heads of the kickers? I am serious.

From Jim Williams sent via T-Mobile Blackberry

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