Sunday, December 17, 2006

Saturday Night Left Overs


“Flozell Adams for years played alongside Larry Allen.” – Gumbel

“The field would tilt to that side.”- Vermeil

“What a collision. The (Falcons) linebacker Michael Boley came through and nailed fullback Lousaka Polite. He (Boley) wasn’t so ‘polite.’”


Key Stat: Terrell Owens first, first half touchdown this year.

Cowboys 7, Falcons 0


**Marshall Faulk joined Gumbel and Vermeil in the booth at 8:37 PM ET


"Marshall, I assume you’re not too fond of how the voting went in “America’s Game?” –Gumbel

“Not at all. I think coach Vermeil and myself feel that team should have been higher on the charts (’99 Rams ranked 19th).” – Faulk

“Anytime you score as many points as that team did and still rank sixth in defense, you’re still a pretty good football team.” – Vermeil

“I have to confess, I did have a vote in that… but I was only a part.” – Gumbel

“Obviously you voted us higher.” – Vermeil

“Of course I did.” - Gumbel

“The fans of Atlanta, no matter the sport, are not known for their enthusiasm. But they are in it tonight.”


“When he was with the Raiders, he used to give me fits.”

-Vermeil on Falcons defensive tackle Rod Coleman. Vermeil coached the Kansas City Chiefs for three seasons

Key Stat: Morten Andersen became leading scorer in NFL history with second extra point in the game.


“As good as (Roy) Williams is, he’s not the best safety in the NFL when he’s in space.”


“He’s as good as the best though when he’s close to the line of scrimmage.”



“From a coaching standpoint, we always say that pass interference is the worst call in football. The ball moves so far on plays like that.”

-Vermeil on pass interference call Aaron Glenn

“Cris Collinsworth believes when there is a pass interference penalty of a certain length, there should be an official review. What do you think about that?”


“Well Cris was a wide receiver.” - Faulk

“Breaks another record… his own.”

Vermeil on Morten Andersen’s third extra point of the night

Halftime Score: Cowboys 21, Falcons 21


**Deion Sanders joined Faulk and Gumbel at the beginning of the third quarter. Vermeil left with sore throat.

“This is the same receiving corps we’ve been so critical of. I guess they heard all the commentary that we’ve been offering Marshall. They look like the Indianapolis Colts receivers today.”

-Sanders after an Ashley Lelie reception early in the third quarter

“This is the most aggressive I’ve seen the Falcons defense this year.”



“Should we really be surprised Michael Vick is putting up these kind of numbers? Some people think he’s an athlete playing quarterback; I think he’s a quarterback that happens to be a great athlete.” – Sanders

“What Vick has been doing tonight that he sometimes has a problem with is remain a quarterback. Sometimes he’ll watch the rush and the ball will get tucked away like a running back. Tonight, that ball has been in his hand, prepared to throw it. -Faulk

“You can say what you want about the off-the-field mess that “T.O” brings, but on the field, this guy is the best receiver in football.”



“Marshall correct me if I’m wrong, but Marion Barber gives the Cowboys offense so much more of a punch than Julius Jones. Jones looks like he’s trying to find a place to fall down and is not hitting the hole with the same intensity as Barber.”

-Sanders on Cowboys running backs

“Barber is a better downhill runner.” -Faulk


“Barber runs with a sense of urgency when he has the ball” - Sanders

“DeAngelo Hall is allowing his emotions to get the best of him on the field.”

-Sanders after Hall angrily went to the sideline after a Dallas touchdown

Cowboys 31, Falcons 28


Key Stat: Michael Vick breaks NFL record for most rushing yards in a season by a quarterback previously held by Bobby Douglass.


“Were they similar?” –Sanders

“Douglass was built like a linebacker. When Vick runs, he takes punishment. When Douglass ran, he delivered the punishment.” -Gumbel

“You can’t come out of the game. The fans are seeing their star, their 100 million dollar man come out of the game. They don’t want to see him come out of the game unless he’s carried off the field.”

-Sanders as Vick left the game with a groin strain with 1:24 left


“Is Marshall Faulk coming off the field at this point in the game?” –Sanders

“No.” –Faulk

“Is Deion Sanders coming off the field at this point?” –Gumbel

“Never.” –Sanders

Cowboys 38, Falcons 28


“I can honestly say, that was one of my dreams to call a game.” –Sanders

“Remember, we’re always auditioning.” –Mariucci

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