Monday, December 18, 2006

Sunday'Best lines from the Pre Game Shows!!!

On Terrell Owens admitting he spit on DB DeAngelo Hall in Saturday’s Cowboys-Falcons game ...
Analyst Tom Jackson: "I personally would rather have someone sucker-punch me in the face than spit on me. I can get over that bruise. I can fight you if you want to fight me man-up. But, the fact that you spit on me is an insult that lasts a lifetime."

"It’s time for someone to do something about it. … TO needs to learn a lesson."
Analyst Ron Jaworski: "Everyday, every single day, it’s something with Terrell Owens. He just sucks the wind, the air, out of your football team."
Analyst Michael Irvin: "There is no time that is right to spit on anybody."
Analyst Mike Ditka: "What he did is disgusting, period."

Howie Long on the struggling Indianapolis Colts: “In order to put a positive spin on things, Tony Dungy is drawing comparisons to his 1999 Tampa Bay Buccaneers squad. The only problem with that analogy is the front seven of this Colts team is no where near the team that he had in 1999 in Tampa Bay. They need to get this thing fixed and fixed in a hurry because that window of opportunity is closing quickly.”

Terry Bradshaw adds: “This is not going to be fixed this year. This is going to have to be fixed in the off season, with the draft or some trades. You just can’t fix things like this. Eventually people catch up with you.”

Casserly: I talked to the Steelers this week. First of all, the Steelers would like Bill Cowher to come back next year as the Head Coach. I think there is a misconception of why a deal hasn't been done. People have talked about it being about dollars. They haven't even talked about dollars yet. They had some discussions about structure, length, but nothing about hard dollars yet. What's going to happen from here is this - both sides are going to sit down right after the season. This thing will not drag on. A decision will be made quickly. If Bill Cowher decides not to coach for the Steelers next year, by league rule, he can't coach for anybody in the NFL next year. The successor as I’ve said here before, in my opinion, the next Head Coach, if Bill resigns, will be Offensive Coordinator Ken Whisenhunt.

BETTIS ON LARRY JOHNSON VS. LADANIAN TOMLINSON: "I like Larry Johnson, he's similar to me in terms of his size, although I am a little bit bigger than him..."
COLLINSWORTH: "You're bigger than everybody."
BETTIS: "LT does so many things well, he catches the ball, he throws the ball, he runs the ball, he's just fully developed as a running back, and he's done it for six years."

COLLINSWORTH: "LT is a better all-around player, but Larry Johnson, I think, is the better pure runner."

COSTAS ON LAMAR HUNT: "Over the past few days, it's been hard to determine what's been cited more frequently: that Hunt always flew coach, or that he always treated everyone first-class."

LADANIAN TOMLINSON TO NBC'S ANDREA KREMER ON WHAT HE SAID TO HIS TEAMMATES BEFORE BREAKING THE NFL SINGLE-SEASON TD RECORD: "I said, 'guys, if this is it, if this is going to be the record, I want every single guy in this huddle to come be a part of it and touch this football, history, I want every single guy to come to the end zone and be a part of it.'"

NFL LEGEND JIM BROWN ON LT: "He is a bright light in today's game because so many other individuals are so interested in their individual achievement, and don't come close to having the charisma and the respect that this young man has."

PETER KING ON DREW BREES'S CONTRACT: "Everybody thought last year that Drew Brees signed a six-year, $16 million deal with the Saints and really, what it comes down to, is he signed a one-year contract with an option clause in it to be exercised on March 1, 2007 where the Saints will have to pay him $12 million to activate the final five years of it. The Saints are not a wealthy organization right now, I asked general manager Mickey Loomis what they were going to do and he said 'Peter, I would be a moron if we didn't activate that clause.' Drew Brees is going to get a big check on March 1."

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