Sunday, March 12, 2006

Do you feel lucky? Monday's Examiner Column

Do you feel lucky?
By: Jim Williams
The Examiner

OK it is Monday you watched the CBS, and ESPN selection shows and you have your brackets ready to go – in pencil not ink just yet!

Where do you go for help?

All day long on Sports Talk 980AM, WTEM will be offering you help. I strongly suggest the The Tony Kornheiser Show 9am to 1pm. Each year Tony does a great job of getting some name coaches to help you fill out the brackets. At 3pm The John Thompson Show also has plenty of good information.

If you subscribe to XM then listen to the First Team on Fox with Steve Czaban and he and his gang will help you out. 6am to 9am on FSR channel 142. For Sirius listeners go to The Shark Tank where legendary Coach Jerry Tarkanian will be there for you weekdays at 1pm on Sirius Sports 123.

Best Websites?

Yahoo Sports, Fox Sports, CBS.Sportsline and ESPN all offer plenty of good information to help you in your quest for the perfect bracket sheet. Plus they also give you an opportunity to play online for free to see how you do against other fans around the country.

Also we will give you some assistance for those last minute sleeper teams over the next couple of days so good luck!

The Women’s NCAA…

Don’t forget that the women’s NCAA Tournament begins this week as well with all the games on ESPN. Tonight at 7pm is the selection show and Maryland figures to have a real shot at the title.

NIT anyone?

OK so it isn’t the NCAA Tournament but your team is still playing hoops. ESPN is the home for all the NIT action starting this week.

Job well done…

ABC 7’s Tim Brant did a great job of play by play on the ACC Tournament calling the games for Jefferson – Pilot/Raycom Sports. Tim continues to prove why he is one of the best in the business!

Also kudos to Dave Sims who did the play by play of the Big East Tournament for DC based XM radio and Westwood One. His call of the final 20 seconds of the Georgetown – Syracuse game was as good as it gets and should be must listen material for anyone doing basketball play by play.


da bear blogger said...
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da bear blogger said...

So, does Mr. Williams get a kickback everytime he mentions channel 7? It doesn't take much to notice The Examiner and 7 have a sweetheart deal going: WJLA gets ads on the paper, JLA puts "tomorrow's headlines" from the Examiner in the newscast.

Also, I'm sure Mr.Brandt did a fine job but it had to make you wonder: If he's tied up for national broadcast assignments (college basketball and football), doesn't that leave his WJLA sports office short staffed for local coverage? True, they have producers who are no doubt capable, but the station's face for sports is, well, in another timezone from where the local event is happening.