Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday Column - Tournament Time

Tournament time!!
By: Jim Williams
The Examiner

George Washington, Georgetown, and Maryland all are looking at their conference tournaments and hopefully the invite to play in the “Big Dance,” starting next week.

We went to our local media experts to get the insight on this weeks big tournaments.

Marius Payton Comcast SportsNet on the A-10 Tournament - TV on CSN

The clear favorite to take the tournament crown is no other than George Washington, who owns the longest winning streak in the country along with the highest national ranking in school history. But the bullseye will be firmly placed across the backs of the Colonials with the absence of Pops Mensah-Bonsu, who is out with a slight meniscus tear in his left knee. He had arthroscopic knee surgery last Thursday. So, look for Charlotte, Saint Louis and LaSalle to take aim at the Colonials”

Tim Brant ABC 7 and Play by play voice of the ACC. – TV on WDCA 20

This has been a season top tier and low tier quality in the ACC. Duke has been solid all year long and will be great in the tournament. Billy Packer and I did the N.C. State – UNC game and I was impressed with depth and the strength of the young Tar Heels. I have to say after the top four it is wide open. FSU and Virginia have been playing well but the great thing about the ACC is ‘there is always a surprise. I am looking forward to doing the games!

Dave Sims Westwood One/XM Voice of the Big East. - TV on ESPN

This figures to be the best Big East Tournament ever! The top teams are outstanding, and the teams in the middle are dangerous. And naturally some of the teams seeded eight through 12 may be able to pull off a surprise or two. Georgetown is one those dangerous teams. Great job by JT, III! Hoyas center Roy Hibbert will cause many problems. I called the Georgetown win over Syracuse last Saturday and came away impressed with the big guy as well as Jeff Green. I also thought the guards (Ashanti Cook, Jonathan Wallace) were impressive. Look out if Brandon Bowman can get out of his slump and get his game up a level. Connecticut is still the team to beat. Beware of West Virginia, Villanova and Marquette.

The A 10 and will be on CSN and Sirius, the Big East on ESPN and XM, the ACC on WDCA and XM. with Georgetown on WTEM and XM.

Hey let the madness begin!!!


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da bear blogger said...

WOW, rah rah for comcast and channel 7. Nice "experts". Maurice knows as much about a-10 hoops as he does about writing---very little. If I had a dollar for every time his stories contained "there was", I'd be able to pay my cable bill.