Saturday, March 25, 2006

Will DC officials show at the Nats fans rally? (Saturday/Weekend)

Jim Williams: Will D.C. officials show at Nats
fans rally?
Jim Williams, The Examiner
Mar 25, 2006 7:00 AM (4 hrs ago)
The Nationals fan club ( ) has organized a rally for noon Sunday in the
parking lot at RFK in support of getting MASN on Comcast cable systems in D.C., Maryland
Northern Virginia.
But here is the interesting part of the story. Among the officials who have confirmed are U.S. Rep.
Jim Moran, Maryland Del. Peter Franchot, and Virginia Delegate Brian Moran. You might notice no
D.C. City Council member or Mayor Anthony Williams has confirmed their presence at the rally.
The city leaders fought Major League Baseball and each other over the past two years; they finally
approved the building of a $611 million dollar stadium on the southwest waterfront.
But when it comes to fighting for the fans rights to see the Nationals play on TV and promote both
the city and the team they suddenly become silent.
So politicians from Maryland and Northern Virginia will be in D.C. at RFK applying whatever
pressure they can to get Comcast to carry the 158 Nationals games to be aired this season on
MASN? But the mayor and city council are in no rush to drive over to RFK? That is not only a
shame but a slap in the face to the city.
“Baseball fans in the D.C. area have been begging the cable companies to show Nationals games for
a year now,” editor Ian Koski said. “Being able to see our team on television
every night is a critical part of developing a true and loyal fan base. As great a success as the
Nationals’ inaugural season was here in Washington, it could have and should have been so much
I have spoken to many members of the city council as well as members of the mayor’s staff and
they are good people. Let’s see if some of them can find the time to get to RFK Sunday and aid the
process of getting the Nationals games on TV. It is in the best interest of both the fans and the city.
The chance to showcase the team and city throughout the region makes sense. So come on gang, get
out to RFK.

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