Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Jim Williams: XM radio gets into swing of
Jim Williams, The Examiner
Mar 29, 2006 7:00 AM (38 mins ago)
Chuck Dickemann had just returned to his D.C. office after a long but successful trip that took the
XM baseball chief all over the country covering the World Baseball Classic.
It was a big event for the Washington-based satellite service but no time to rest. Dickemann’s
talented team of producers and talent are ready the baseball season’s start in less than a week.
Jim Williams: How did the XM-WBC experience workout?
Chuck Dickemann: It was hard work but in the end we are proud that we were able to carry all the
games and still have such awesome content for the shows on MLB Home Plate Channel 175. It was
a great thing for XM to be such a big part of the coverage of the WBC. Having Buck Martinez as the
USA Manager as well as someone who is part of our team was huge.
JW: So what can fans of the baseball on XM expect in 2007?
CD: Well, we are improving on what we think is a very strong lineup. It all starts with “Baseball
This Morning” with Mark Patrick, Buck Martinez and our new addition. We brought Orestes
Destrade over from our Spanish outlet to join the guys. He brings a great deal of energy to the
already super morning team.
“Fantasy Focus” comes up at noon, then we will have Charley Steiner back at 1 p.m. every day with
“Baseball Beat.” At 3 p.m., we head out west to Rob Dibble and Kevin Kennedy for the “The
Show,” then we have a preview of the nights games with “MLB Live,” “XM On Deck” hosted by Chuck Wilson airs from 6-7pm; Ronnie Lane hosts “MLB Live” from 7-10pm and Joe Castellano hosts “MLB Live Late Edition” from 10p-2am.

There are lots of XM baseball fans in the D.C. area and plenty of good stuff to check out. Not to
mention you can hear all the games live.

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