Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Miami bound!
By: Jim Williams
The Examiner/Blog

The Super Bowl countdown has started and football fans will be happy to know that nationally and locally every possible outlet has the big game covered.

On the Washington TV side you will see reports from NBC4, FOX5, ABC7 and CBS9 all week long on the 4, 5, 6, 10 and 11pm newscasts.

Radio wise we have Sports Talk 980AM with The First Team on Fox featuring Steve Czaban, Scott Linn and the rest of the gang are at the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas as part of FSR’s fan fest weekend. Meanwhile in Miami The Sports Reporters with Andy Pollin, The Brian Mitchell Show and the John Thompson Show are all on site on radio row.

WTEM and WBAL will air the game on Sunday.

Triple X ESPN will be doing the John Riggins Show Monday-Friday 4-7pm from Miami with all the regular ESPN radio programming live from the sunshine state.

MASN and ESPN 1300AM will be live all week from Miami as The Anita Marks Show 4 to7pm is on the road and it is one of only two local radio shows in the country that will be simulcast. The show can be seen not only in Baltimore but throughout the entire mid Atlantic region. It is a very ambitious and bold move for MASN showing area fans that they are indeed a big time regional sports network.

Also the ESPN 1300AM Mark and the Bulldog Show will have live reports from Miami.

WNST will be live from Miami all week starting with The Morning Show with Drew Forrester and Casey Willett 6am to 10am and there will be plenty of reports and live interviews on all the other programs throughout the day on 1570AM. The rest of the week 4pm till 6pm there is a special from Miami with Forester and Nasty live from Miami.

WBAL is Charm City’s radio home of Super Bowl 41 and sports director Steve Davis and Gerry Sandusky will have plenty on information on the big game.

CSN has a full compliment of reporters in Miami covering the happenings for their Road to Miami features as part of the all the SportsNite Shows.

CN8 will have the Out of Bounds gang reporting from Miami on both the 7pm and 11pm shows. The Out of Bounds team offered up some possible stupid questions:

Andy Pollin, Sportstalk 980:
For Lovie Smith...Have you ever mistakenly been listed in Who's Who among American Women?

Kevin Dupont, Boston Globe: ``So, Rex, with your name, clearly your parents must have been archaeologists or paleontologists....Can you tell us your favorite three scenes from the Original Jurassic Park?''

SIRIUS will have a huge contingent in Miami with total coverage 24/7 on NFL channel 124 and on Super Bowl Sunday they will offer the game in over five languages.

Of course ESPNEWS, ESPN and the NFL Network will have ever possible aspect of the pre game build up covered. They will cover all the official and UN official press conferences, parties and happening from the team camps and the South Beach hot spots. The two networks will offer over 150 hours of coverage from Miami.

CBS is headed for cross promotion as they will have...

Bob Schieffer will host FACE THE NATION from Dolphin Stadium in Miami, Fla., on Super Bowl Sunday. Schieffer will be joined for the broadcast by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, as well as Phil Simms, Jim Nantz and Dan Marino, who will cover Super Bowl XLI for CBS Sports.

Other cross promotions will be Special reports on THE SUPER BOWL TODAY will also include a feature from CBS News’ anchor of THE CBS EVENING NEWS Katie Couric, as well as live reports throughout the pre-game show and game by CBS Sports’ Randy Cross with American soldiers in Iraq. In addition, THE EARLY SHOW’s Hannah Storm will contribute to PHIL SIMMS ALL-IRON TEAM: DIFFERENCE MAKERS.

Following Super Bowl XLI, CBS Sports’ Nantz and Simms make a special appearance on CRIMINAL MINDS.

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