Friday, January 26, 2007

TK is loyal, Thorne- MASN talking and Fernandez talks tennis

Few people can pull of the kind of show that Tony Kornheiser does. His mix of sports, pop culture, politics and humor has made him not just a local but a national star and it is on the radio that he excels as a communicator.

"Mr. Tony," is on WTWP because he in the end he is a very loyal guy. He could have gone back to WTEM where he has done all three of his other radio shows and has a huge suport staff that knows him. Or he could have taken a boat load of Dan Snyder's money and been on Triple X ESPN but WTWP a Post station needed him and so being a good company man he will be back February 20th.

His show will air Monday's - Friday's from 8:30am till 12:30pm.

“I’m thrilled to be back on the radio at WTWP AM and FM. I look forward to doing the show I have always done. It will be entertainment and sports based and be about the events of my life that day.” says Kornheiser.

Mr. Tony will have at least one co host and maybe more. According to Bonneville executives they just got the deal done and they will reach out to people that Tony is comfortable with to work with him on his show.

TK said it best himself “I’ve worked at The Washington Post for 30 years and the opportunity to join them in their new radio venture with Bonneville is a natural fit,” stated Kornheiser.

Welcome back TK you have been missed.

Thorne to MASN?

Garry Thorne wants to be the play by play voice of the MASN Baltimore Orioles. He is still under contract to ESPN but he wants the same kind of deal that network allowed Dave O'Brien to have with the Red Sox.

He would be joining an already full TV booth that features Buck Martinez, Jim Palmer,Jim Hunter and Fred Manfra. Both Hunter and Manfra already do radio so the move to add Thorne would not be too off the wall.

MASN and Thorne are still talking and both sides hope they can craft a deal but it will take some work. MASN would like to add Thorne to their O's telecasts to compliment the networks quality crew in Washington where Bob Carpenter and Don Sutton will be doing Nats games this year for the MASN.

Both sides are working to get a deal done soon but nothing is yet signed. MASN is also looking to hire a pre and post game staff complete with anchor and reporters. It will be a busy month for the network as they ramp up to do over 300 games as the rights holder to both the Washington Nationals and the Baltimore Orioles

ESPN’s Mary Joe Fernandez talked to me about the Aussie Open Semi Final...

Maria Sharapova and the surprisingly resurgent Serena Williams will meet tonight for the Aussie Open title and here is what Fernandez thinks will happen.

“When these two play, it is all about the heart and the desire. They both go after every shot. You have to think Maria has the edge (because of Serena’s inactivity). On paper, it’s Maria Sharapova, but you can throw out the piece of paper when it comes down to Serena Williams. She’s proven she’s unpredictable. She wants it. She is getting in better shape. She’s playing better. Her serve has been phenomenal. Forget what’s supposed to happen.”

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