Thursday, January 25, 2007

Suppose they gave an All Star Game and no one cared?

By: Jim Williams
The Examiner

Well last night in Dallas the NHL had their annual All Star extravaganza. Perhaps you were one of the hundreds who tuned in? I did and it was a very entertaining game that saw the West defeat the East 12-9.

Local hero Alex Ovechkin scored a goal and it was fun to watch the wide open game.

Versus was home to the telecast and produced a top quality telecast. Something they have been doing week in and week out ever since they took over the contract from ESPN.

The question remains: Why have the game on Wednesday night? What about a more traditional slot like say Sunday on NBC?

This is the first non NFL weekend in almost 6 months with very little competition on the tube. The NHL and their partner NBC really missed a chance to shine on an almost empty stage.

I know having the game on Sunday would have put NBC up against Tiger Woods return to golf for the 2007 on CBS. But my goodness was return of Tiger such a daunting concept? You have to wonder just what the NHL was thinking having an All Star game on a Wednesday night during a ratings sweep.

On the sports side ESPN had college basketball and the Aussie Open up against the game.

Over on the networks they faced three of the top 20 shows on broadcast TV with CBS - Criminal Minds, FOX – American Idol and the NBC cash cow Deal or No Deal on up against the game.

Look for the NHL All Star numbers will be an all time low.

Keep that forward thinking up and next year the games will be on the Home Shopping Network.

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