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Rich Gannon: In an ideal situation, that wouldn't be the case. You want to have
them groomed by an experienced veteran. In each of those situations that you mentioned (Vince Young and Matt Leinart), it's not the case. In Tennessee Kerry Collins has not been the answer. So rather than throw away an entire season, you go with Vince Young and hope that he can work a miracle. In Tampa Bay Chris Simms goes out and Bruce Gradkowski is forced into action. And in Arizona Kurt Warner is not the same player in that offensive system, so you go with Matt Leinart. Of the three quarterbacks, Matt Leinart is probably further along and gives you the best chance. The bottom line is, in a perfect world, you don't go with a rookie.

(On Carson Palmer)

James Brown: In his last two games he's been sacked 10 times, picked off twice and fumbled five times. What's wrong with Carson Palmer?

Phil Simms: It’s amazing the difference in a week. Last week he was the heir apparent. But nothing's wrong with Carson Palmer. I’ll tell you what's wrong. The offensive line is beat up. They played New England and Pittsburgh. I think they’re pretty good on defense. Watching Carson Palmer, I see nothing physically he’s doing this year that he hasn't done in the past. So time, playing defense…and I think Carson Palmer is going to be fine.

Boomer Esiason: Here's the deal with Carson Palmer, as Phil did say, they are banged up on the offensive line and their center Richie Braham is out. He does all the calls when it comes to pass protection. Eight of the 11 sacks have been by the back-end meaning linebackers or cornerbacks are having problems dealing with the blitz. And as Phil also said, with New England last week, they got steamrolled, so now everybody is in a panic mode. They’ll get it straightened out. They’re on a bye. I think they will be fine when he comes back.

(On wanting Terrell Owens on your team)

Boomer: I'm like Bill Parcells. I don’t want him on my team but if the owner buys him and puts him on my team, I guess I have to play with him. He's already killed two franchises in the San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles, and two quarterbacks in Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb…So no, I wouldn’t want him but if the owner forced him on me, I guess I’d have to play with him.

Simms: Well, I didn't have as much talent as Boomer Esiason. So I need help. I would want T.O. on my team because he can score touchdowns. That's what I see. He can help the offense and everything we're trying to do. I believe the coach can handle him and when I played for the

giants and anyone got out of line I'd say, Lawrence Taylor wants to see you. He wants to straighten you out a little bit. I'm one of those who believe it can always work. I would take T.O. on my team.

(On Brett Favre admitting that he heard Phil Simms on the radio and decided to return this year and on whether Favre will break Dan Marino’s record for most career TD passes)

Simms: Well first off, maybe Brett Favre should quit listening to the radio. I'll just say
this, I think he's playing well so far this year. And, I believe he will break Dan Marino’s record.

Dan Marino: And I can't believe Brett Favre doesn't have anything better to do in his life than
to listen to Phil Simms on the radio.


(On Albert Haynesworth)

James Brown: Plenty of talk about Tennessee Titans' Albert Haynesworth, and stepping on the head of Andre Gurode of the Dallas Cowboys. Haynesworth received a record five-game suspension for that infraction. The previous high was two games. How did the league arrive at a five-game suspension?

Casserly: Well, number one it was an act that was unprovoked and very dangerous. It could have injured the player even more. Some people even looked at this as an assault. When I talked to the Commissioner about this, he said number one, player safety is going to be a high priority, and the quality of the game. He wanted to send a message that accidents like this will not be tolerated. I think the players got the message…If they try to trade him, they only have 10 days to do it. I think Bud Adams is going to have to step in and make the decision.

Brown: Will the teams go after Haynesworth?

Casserly: No question.


(On Haynesworth suspension being too many games)

Esiason: It’s not too many we all know that. It may not be enough. It is unprecedented. The fine that is going to be associated with the Tennessee Titans trying to get back a portion of the signing bonus makes it that much more severe. This was right on. I do believe the NFL did the right thing.

(On the Raiders)

Marino: The thing about the Raiders is that they are a mess right now…The Raiders have to get it together somehow. I don’t see it happening all year. They may not win a game.

(More on T.O.)

Esiason holding up Terrell Owens’ new kids book: “Little T Learns to Share” on what his next book should be - How about, “Little T Learns How to Con Billionaire NFL Owners.”…I can’t wait for the book tour…It is amazing to me the world we live in.

(On Miami’s Joey Harrington starting in place of Daunte Culpepper)

Marino: I think it has a lot to do with his (Culpepper’s) shoulder first of all. They need a spark in that offense. When Daunte was in there he was getting sacked a lot. They had turnovers and they weren’t really playing with that urgency. I would look for Joey Harrington to be decisive with the football, not get sacked and show some energy early.

Esiason: If they win, what kind of can of worms are they going to be dealing with down in Miami next week when the decision comes down on whether to play Daunte Culpepper or Joey Harrington? The injury is an easy way for Nick Saban to sit down his ineffective quarterback.

Shannon Sharpe: I think you have a different driver in the same raggedy car. That offense has not changed. You still have those five offensive linemen. You still have those playmakers not making the plays.

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