Sunday, October 08, 2006


On Terrell Owens’ return to Philadelphia for the Cowboys-Eagles game ...
Analyst Michael Irvin: "There’s no way Donovan (McNabb) can allow T.O. to come in and take his city again."

On the reception Owens will get from Eagles fans ...
Analyst Tom Jackson: "My feeling about T.O. is well-documented, but he is undeserving of some of the treatment that he is going to get today."

Analyst Ron Jaworski: "I understand the passion of the fans of Philadelphia. They want to win, and they feel that by intimidating the opponent – particularly the Dallas Cowboys – they can share in that victory. I agree -- it’s a rough place to play. I was booed by 70,000, and I was cheered by 70,000, a lot of times in the same game. That’s the ebb and flow of the passion you have with the Philadelphia fans."

Jackson: "You’re talking about passionate fans. I am talking about (fans) bringing pill bottles to a game, chanting O.D., O.D., O.D."

Analyst Mike Ditka: "The fans never won or lost a football game, and they never will."

On Oakland Raiders wide receiver Randy Moss ...
Jaworski: "Until Randy Moss grows up and assumes responsibility for his own actions – he quits whining all the time and plays the game the way it’s supposed to be played – he doesn’t deserve to have the title of team captain."

Ditka: "This team was delusional when they voted him captain. … It all changed (for Moss) in April 1998 when I coached the Saints and I didn’t draft him because none of this would have ever happened. Believe me. None of this would have been tolerated."

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