Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Next Monday: Unbeaten Chicago at Arizona

October 10, 2006

“The hitting continues, right to the echo of the whistle.” – Mike Tirico describing what could have been a late hit by Baltimore’s Todd Wilcox

“I called Titans head coach Jeff Fisher to talk about Steve McNair, and the first words out of his mouth: ‘I miss him so much.’ He said it’s like sending your first kid off to college… When Steve McNair showed up in the off-season to work out, he was asked to leave the (Titans’) facility. Jeff Fisher was out of town and didn’t even know what was going on. It’s certain that if he and Jeff had been able to talk it out, they could have found a way for Steve to finish his career there. But management wanted Vince Young – he was targeted as the starter.” – Suzy Kolber

“We talk about the speed of the Broncos. Watch how many guys get to the ball. Look at the speed. Everyone is on that side (of the ball) except one. That’s what you’re dealing with when you try to run outside.” – Joe Theismann, describing a high-view replay of Denver’s defense chasing Jamal Lewis out of bounds

“Right after Tatum Bell fumbled the football, he ran up and down the offensive bench and pointed to his chest, just saying, ‘My bad. My bad,’ to every single guy on the offense. He really wanted to take the responsibility for that mistake. Right after that, Jake Plummer went to him, patted him hard on the shoulder pads, and said, ‘Keep your head in the game.’” – Michele Tafoya, describing the activity on the Broncos’ sideline

“The ’72 Dolphins better start to get scared. Nick Buoniconti, I’m putting you on alert.”

– Theismann, reacting to a graphic showing the Chicago Bears are scoring the most points in the league (31.2 ppg) and allowing the fewest (7.2 ppg).

Later in the game, while discussing the Bears’ chances for an undefeated season:

Theismann: “They have a passing offense. That’s why I don’t think anybody beats them.”

Kornheiser: “Ever?”

Theismann: “Ever. I think they can go right through.”

Kornheiser: “We’re going to hold you to this if you’ve got them 16-0.”

Theismann: “Actually 19-0.”

Theismann, illustrating a replay to show how the Broncos offensive line is in synch: “Watch the steps of the offensive linemen. They all step to the left like a quartet.”

Kornheiser: “You like that they all step together. The Temptations used to do that, and it worked out very well for their career.”

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