Tuesday, October 24, 2006



“The devil comes in many forms. In the Garden of Eden, he was a serpent. In the movies, he was a lawyer in “The Devil’s Advocate.” On Broadway, a baseball fan in “Damn Yankees.” And in Dallas, now he comes sliver and blue, wearing number 81.”

– Tony Kornheiser, in his opening essay about Terrell Owens

“Bledsoe to the air. Bledsoe to the ground.”
– Mike Tirico, describing Drew Beldsoe getting sacked

“You wonder if he’s (Owens) happy. Does he look happy? He’s jawing at an assistant. He’s talking to both quarterbacks. Now he’s just yelling at Terry Glenn. T.O is not happy. This is the play that could have been a touchdown if it hadn’t been hit by Lavar Arrington.”

– Kornheiser, describing camera shots of Owens

“Eli (Manning) said the other day of news that Tiki (Barber) was going to retire: ‘Good. Now we don’t have to save him for next year. We can overwork him.’ And they’re doing it tonight.”

– Kornheiser

“If it’s as simple as holding it up on your shoulder, why didn’t anyone point this out to him before Tom Coughlin did?”

– Kornheiser, after Theismann explained how Barber has dramatically reduced the number of fumbles he has had the past two seasons by adjusting the ball positioning

Theismann: “Probably because no one had the knowledge Tom Coughlin did to make the adjustment.”
Kornheiser: “If he’s ever out of work, he can be my fumble coach.”

“The Giants are saying he was simply shaken up on the play. I watched the doctors as he came to the sideline. They had him cross his feet over, walk a straight line. They poured some water on his face. He took a sip, and, blinking his eyes, he told his coaches, ‘I’m alright.’ He should be back.”

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