Friday, October 20, 2006

FOX Expects Good World Series Ratings

I spoke to FOX Sports President Ed Goren and he was up beat about the World Series ratings:

On whether the Cardinals or the Mets would make a better World Series matchup for FOX:
Ed Goren: "It’s about how many games you get. We’re coming off back-to-back World Series sweeps. I am told by our ratings people that a New York-Detroit World Series, game for game, would potentially out-rate a St. Louis-Detroit World Series. Having said that, it’s more about volume than about the match-up. The World Series last year, in a four-game sweep, was the sixth highest rated show in primetime for the fourth quarter. The World Series typically out-rates the primetime average by 82%. In 1990, the spread was 69%, in the ‘80’s, 58%, in the ‘70’s 52%. In today's rating world, the World Series is a ratings success, even in a four-game sweep. It’s just a matter of how good it can be."

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